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Iona Eirlys Photography


Documenting the important moments and milestones of your life is a worthy investment for yourself and your loved ones. Family is ever changing, children are always growing and time flies by so fast.


As your family grows older, you will want to hold onto those precious memories even more - though you will always have them in your heart, there is nothing more magical than being able to look back at these moments in photographs. 

Just imagine yourself in years to come... you won't be looking back and saying you wish you never had family photos taken, but you will regret it if you don't, and so will your children. I think sometimes we forget these photographs aren't just for us but they are for our children to look back on all the loving, wonderful memories you filled their childhood with. 

I know for many, a family photoshoot is a luxury, but I don't want you to miss out! I have payment options available so just reach out to find out more. 

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tailored to you

Every family I photograph is unique, which is why I tailor every one of my sessions to your own personal needs. My photoshoots are meticulously planned, carefully curated and tailored to your family. I take the stress away of organising, prepping and styling your family, by guiding you through the entire process from start to finish. 

A base session includes...

Pre session questionnaire

A pre session questionnaire to get to know you and find out what is most important to you in your session.

Video or phone call

A video or phone call to *meet* prior to your session, find out more about you, let you know what to expect and get you prepped.

Styling assistance

Styling assistance and guidance for the whole family. Also access to my client wardrobe.

Bespoke session

1-3 hour session bespoke to you, based on your family's needs.

Expert photography

Expert photography and editing in my unique, signature style.

Location + light

Best location & light scouted for your session.

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photo sessions

Take a look at the photo sessions I offer below - don't forget all of my sessions include everything listed above. Below you will also find optional upgrade collections that can be added before or after your photoshoot.

Please note when booking a session a £50 retainer is required to secure your date and time. This will come off the total session fee.



  • Family, maternity, newborn, motherhood, sibling session with 4+ family members*

  • View entire gallery of hand edited images (approx. 25-30 photos)

  • 10 digital photographs of your choice to download

  • Option to upgrade before or after session

  • Everything a base session includes (see above)

​*Some extended family sessions may incur an additional charge depending on number of family members




  • Family, maternity, newborn, motherhood, sibling or couple session up to 3 family members 

  • View entire gallery of hand edited images (approx. 25-30 photos)

  • 10 digital photographs of your choice to download

  • Option to upgrade before or after session

  • Everything a base session includes (see above)



Upgrades can be purchased before or after your session. Once your photos have been edited you will be able to view your session in an online proofing gallery, and from here can decide if you would like to purchase an upgrade collection. 

Collection One

  • 5 additional digital photographs to download

+ £120

Collection Two

  • ALL digital photographs in gallery to download (approx. 30+ photos)

+ £200

Collection Three

  • ALL digital photographs in gallery to download (approx. 30+ photos)

  • Eight 6x4" fine art prints

  • Six 12x8" fine art prints

  • Gallery wall design planning advice

+ £275


How should I prep myself and my children for the session?

It can seem overwhelming having to get not only yourself but your little ones ready for the session... getting everyone showered, dressed, out the door and in the car with smiles on their faces can be stressful. But it doesn't need to be! It is important to let your kids know what we will be doing and why. Let them know why you want these photos and why they will be so special for them. Make sure they know this session is all about them having fun and making sweet memories together. It is something exciting and special they get to take part in. The more excited you are the more they will be too! Other than that, I will do the rest for you. No need to stress over location, timings, styling, etc. I can do that for you.

What should I wear?

This is probably my most asked question! Styling plays a major role in my sessions. You want to feel comfortable, confident and timeless. My particular photographic style lends itself well to more flowy fabrics, textures, knitwear, lace, earthy tones (with the occasional pop of colour), anything boho and with lots of movement. I photograph mainly outdoors so it is important the styling compliments the natural environment we will be shooting in. I am super passionate about styling my families so I will provide all the guidance and advice you need. I love creating styling boards and can even send links to high street/online retailers with specific clothing suggestions. I also have a small client wardrobe which is available for you to use.

See my client wardrobe here

What happens if windy, wet weather is forecast or it rains during our session?

Living in the UK, it is always a battle to predict the weather! But that is why my part time job as a weather forecaster is really useful (I'm kidding, I'm not really - but I do feel like it sometimes!). I will spend the week leading up to your session obsessing over the forecast, trying to manifest good weather through the power of my mind (this time I'm not kidding!) and hoping we get good weather and the most spectacular sunset. Sometimes it just doesn't work out in our favour so we tend to make a final call the morning of the session and if need be we can reschedule to another date. But if you don't mind a little drizzle and wind then we might just go for it. If it rains during the session, we will try to take cover and continue when we can. If it get's too bad we will get another date booked in.

What if my children 'misbehave' or won't stay still for long?

As you can probably tell, my photographs are not the stiff posed in front of a white backdrop kind. I shoot outside because I want your children to be children! I want them to explore, run around and enjoy the session. I will always try my best to get a few smiling at the camera photos, but my priority is to capture your sweet family connecting and having fun together in whatever way is natural to you! Whether that is the more quiet, tender, loving moments, or the wild and free energy your little one's bring to the session, I just want you to have fun, be you and create magical memories together! Plus my sessions are super relaxed! I love interacting with little ones and finding fun things for you to do together that get you enjoying the moment. 

What if I am not confident in front of the camera?

As a photographer I would much rather be behind the camera than in front of it so I can completely relate to any anxieties you may be feeling! But please don't let your insecurities or confidence get in your way of creating these precious photographs with and for your family. I promise you, you won't regret it! I will guide you through the whole session which is relaxed and super chilled. I focus on your connection with your family and capturing real and raw emotion. All you have to do is turn up and just be yourself! Remember these photos aren't just for you, but for your children - they will be so grateful for these photographs of you as they grow up.

What happens if my baby doesn't arrive on their due date?

When booking a newborn session I like to put two dates aside for you just in case baby doesn't arrive when planned. I never fully book out my calendar to allow for this. 

What happens if we need to reschedule?

If somebody is sick and you need to reschedule please let me know as soon as you can and we can reschedule your session.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Just your lovely selves! (And maybe some layers if it's chilly, water, snacks and anything else you'd like).

What's your client wardrobe and is it free to use?

I have a small selection of dresses that are available to use in your session for free. My collection is slowly growing so if you're interested in what I have let me know at the time of booking and I can send photos of what I have to offer. I can bring a few different options with me, even if you have your own outfit, if you're up for a quick change behind some blankets during your session! 

When will I receive my photos?

I will edit the best photographs from your session and upload them to a private online gallery for you to view within 6 weeks of your session. 

Do you travel further a field?

Yes I can travel if you have a specific location in mind - just let me know at the time of booking and I can let you know if there are any additional travel fees.

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let's create magic...

If you're ready to invest in something beautiful, heartfelt and everlasting for your family, then let's get planning!


It's time to capture the heart and soul of your family, your connection with the ones you love the most and turn these priceless memories into magical works of art. Give your children and yourself something special to hold onto forever.

I can't wait to connect and share this magic with you... Every session comes from my heart, every photograph is edited with love and every connection I make and smile I capture, brings me so much joy. I am truly grateful for each and every client.

Send me a message by clicking the link below and we can getting chatting about your dream session.

Iona xx

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